Oct 13, 2008


Autumn is here. Inspired me to do a few shots which you can see on my flickr account now.
Things are slowely changing. I met wonderful new people, who are so wise and it's such a joy to talk to them. people of all age and this is what i love.

I have a few ideas for shots, but my fear is that this wonderful sunny autumn weather won't last long enough to realize all of them.... or maybe just even one of them.

I'm thinking about new layouts for my webpage. I'm just not satisfied. Well, it's so hard to satisfy me. But I want to have something really artsy and different.

Oh and pictures I did for an event, (for their flyers for example), was featured on first page in our local newspaper. I think I should honour that a little bite more, because.. well... it is a big thing, yeah.

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