Apr 29, 2009


I did a little shopping on friday. I haven't done this for ages... ok it feels just like I haven't done this for ages ;-)
I bought me new shoes (I loooove them, I have to get all the other colours, the first kinda-high-hells that I can walk with), then a lovely shirt from H&M, a wonderful Make-Up box with looots of colours, a lovely perfume (smells sooo gorgeous) and finally the The Lady Gaga CD (love it).

Children-Shooting on saturday was cancelled, it's rescheduled for friday.

What else.... oh well yeah, my photography class started on monday.
I love love love it - it feels so good to be there and it's the best class I've ever joined. The teacher is brilliant. He explains everything so well and easy to understand. Ok, honestly everything we learned till now, I already knew, but I tought it myself, so have to admit I understand everything even more better now. I can explain it better.
I don't know if this makes any sense to you.... lol

I'll be doing a portrait shooting tomorrow. First time I'll be doing the make-up myself. My lovely friend Manuela is usally doing this, but I really have to learn that myself. I mean I can do my make-up but it's always different when you're doing it for or on someone else.

So my calender for the next weeks is rather full.... school, shootings, working on my portfolio, project organisations, creating two books.... *sigh* oh how I love it :-)

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

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