Sep 13, 2010

My first knitted bag and getting in danger for not knowing which buttons to buy...

(C) Melanie Eichenauer, 2010. Straight out of camera :)
I proudly present... my first knitted bag.
This took me quite a time, but I am so happy with the result. There are 2 different structures. I first started this piece just to try out knitting again... I knitted before but that was years back in school. But then I thought... when I'm trying this out I could try out doing something beautiful.

(C) Melanie Eichenauer, 2010. Photographing this bag on a very windy day isn't easy...

(C) Melanie Eichenauer, 2010. Little Details.
The final touches have just been added today. I bought the buttons in a tiny old crafting shop. This shop is owned by two old (yes, I really mean old) sisters and I would say, this shop is cult. It's very small but full of wool, buttons, fabrics, and so on. And the ladies there... oh my they are strange. As I entered the shop, the old lady was talking to another customer. The customer said "Please serve this woman, I need more time." The lady gringed and turned to me, "What can I do for you?"
"Well, first I need a few buttons."
"Which colour?"
"I don't know, I just want to look at what you've got" (that was kinda lie, I knew I wanted pink ones, but I wanted to have a look at all the others too.)
So, I tried to have a look at the button wall. Yes, a wall. Full of buttons. I guess I've never seen that much stuff. But the lady wasn't happy with what I said.
"You have to know which colour."
"I need a few ones and I just want to have a look, there are so many."
"Don't touch this!" My heart stopped - thankfully she wasn't talking to me. She yelled at the other customer.
I was quite shocked and thought about leaving without buying anything. She was so unfriendly to the other woman.
But I did not leave. I then realized that I am not used to a shop like this. Normally I buy my stuff online or at big stores, but this was a very old tiny little shop. And as another customer got in and the old lady got even unfriendlier... I could not help myself, I started to laugh. It was so unreal, so strange. I felt like set back in time. Like in the 50s or something. Of course the old lady wasn't happy with us taking so much time to have a look at things and not knowing what exactly to buy.... when she was younger, people didn't have much money so they only got into a shop when they really needed something... they knew exactly what to buy, 'cause every Schilling (years before we had Euros) had to be turned twice.
As she left the shop shortly to look for needles I needed (strange word combination... haha)... the first customer whispered to me "She's not in a good mood today." She seemed to be used to this, so I think she is there often.

(C) Melanie Eichenauer, 2010. Structure I.
(C) Melanie Eichenauer, 2010. Structure II.
I hope my english was good enough to retell that story. Feel free to tell me what you think about my bag....

(C) Melanie Eichenauer, 2010. On the wall ... :)



Mama Kat said...

I WISH I could knit like that. Amazing work...I haven't looked around yet, do you have an Etsy shop?

Melanie said...

thank you.
this is my first finished piece, but i'm working on more to hopefully launch my etsy shop soon :)


Hey Hunny, I've missed you. I think you have great skills. That bag is cute.

Lisa xx

Amber said...

Looks like it turned out really well. I can't knit at all....

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful bag maker and photographer! I wish you lived closer to me :(! I love the bag though its cute!

Veilchengarten said...

Liebe Melanie,
danke für deine lieben Worte und deinen Besuch auf meinem Blog!!! :) Ich freu mich sehr, dass es dir bei mir gefällt!!!
Die Geschichte mit den ALTEN Damen ist ja lustig!!! Hmm, schon komsich, dass man die Dinge nicht mal anfassen darf, die man vielleicht kaufen möchte. ;)
Dein Täschchen gefällt mir super und trotz des Windes ist das Bild klasse geworden!
Hab eine tolle Woche!
Liebe Grüße,

Susis gelbes Haus said...

Hallo liebe Melanie...
vielen vielen Dank für deinen süssen Kommentar bei mir auf dem Blog....
ich werd mich jetzt erst mal in aller Ruhe bei dir umsehen..
einen schönen und kuschligen Sonntagabend noch SUsi

Rachel said...

Love it! And I love those little yarn shops, too...if we're on a road trip and I see one, my husband speeds up because he knows it'll add an hour to our trip if we stop.

Came here from SITS. :)