Jun 29, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Monika M., Canon 350D, 70s Fairytale.
Copyright M. Eichenauer.

I just discovered a few beautiful blogs/websites by amazing photographers. Go check 'em out:
Ashley Skjaveland
Butterfly Moments
Brenda Acuncius
Leah Zawadzki

Yesterdays shooting fell into water, literally. So I have to make a new appointment - which will not be very easy for July 'cause this month is already rather filled with things to do.

I'm also announcing, that the amount of shootings I'm doing is limited. Since I don't make any money out of it (yeah right...), I will from now on only do shootings that I think will bring my creativity, my work, a step further. Shootings that will help me learn and improve.
So I am not a girl for everything!
Just felt the need to state that. Although I know the right people may not ever read this here,... but at least I said it.
Of course I want many shootings, but I still have to learn so much and I still want to try out many styles - so that I learn and know what style works for me best - and of course I want to be able to create my own style.

So, I have many projects in mind, ideas of working with other artists together... I have to focus on these projects more.
I really appreciate everyone asking to work together, but I should stay focused on what is helping me to improve.

Many people don't understand this, saying "oh you're already so great", of course it's nice, but they often don't understand what I am going through - I am not already there. My photos are not how I want them to be. Yeah, I like my photos, on some I am really proud... but that does not last long. But I appreciate these thoughts, these struggles, they keep me going.

It's still a long way to go where I want to be as an artist, as a photographer.

I'm currently listenting a lot to Heather Nova. Perfectly for this rainy, bad weather. Her lyrics are touching me deeply.
So I'm leaving you with this...:

"Storm's out on the water,
I watch it getting closer,
Are you coming home?
All these years we've wandered
Trying to break the cycle
All these years of hope

And my heart feels the strain,
But it makes me feel like I'm alive again
Well sometimes in our lives
We need the pain"
Heather Nova - Storm. (Album: Storm)

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JanMary said...

Thanks for the visit.

I know what you mean, I feel that about my photos too - I have so much more I know I can do, but need to "focus" (LOL!) on getting there.

Happy Tuesday from N Ireland.