Jun 26, 2009


"Let's fall in love...", taken today.
Copyright Melanie Eichenauer 2009.

Lovely Ulrike visited me today. I got to know her while my photography class. She is so lovely and also wants to become a pro-photographer and run her own business. But it's a little bit harder for her, she already has two little kids and one big house.
I could not imagine me being at her position. So much to do, cleaning, caring, eduacating... and learning for all the stuff we need for the master exam. Wow, she really is brave and strong.

I live very outside of the city, so she had problems finding me, but once she got here... we could not stop talking and laughing. Of course we just chatted about our love for photography. The hours flew by, so we talked for nearly 6 hours. Wow! My throat hurts really now.

It's so great to have someone that goes through exactly what you are going through now. That makes it all a bit easier or easier to get through. It's great to share fears and worries and also joy. We can't wait to run our business and start creating magic. Her equipment is much better than mine, she owns much better lenses... but I have to safe all my money for the next big important class before the master exam. So I can't afford anything new now.
We'll definitely be meeting again, oh and we'll also be doing a fashion shooting together. I'm so excited about that. All women, lot's of feminine power! Ya Ya! ;-)

I also nearly begged her to join Flickr. It's so much fun there and great to learn and improve and get inspired.
Are you at flickr? If so - let me know!

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Teresha and Damon said...

Visiting from SITS. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!