Feb 22, 2010

New Layout... new Blog?


This blog was supposed to be about me on becoming a pro photographer. Well, now that I am a pro and I am working as one... I had to find a new topic for this journal. So as you may see, this is my first entry this year, a new start and a new way.
I will still be talking about photography and of course showing you pictures, but I thought this time, I'm gonna go deeper. I went for a walk today and met my topic in a wood while I stood there completely still and quiet. That's how I like to get new ideas. It then feels like they had searched for me and not the other way round. 'Cause you can't force yourself to be creative, to find something... it just has to happen and you have to let it happen. How?
It's different for everyone I guess. For me silence and nature, that's what I need to clean my head, to make space for new energy.

And as if I was standing too close... which is kinda funny when you think of "You can't see the forest for the trees"... and I was standing in the deepest forest... anyways... and as if I was standing too close I finally realized that this is my new plan. Topic. Target. Goal.
The next step.
Becoming that free soul I yearn to be, living creative freedom. Vacations, new people, ... getting to know the world, discovering new places, people and stories.

Maybe that's the reason why I am here.

I thought a lot about that question after I read the book my neighbour gave to me a few days ago:
The Why Are You Here Cafe by John Strelecky.
Read it, it's beautiful and so true.

You see a lot is going on in my head... I'll leave you with a few pictures of todays walk. Enjoy it... (all pictures are taken with my mobile-phone!)

I had just begun my walk as I discoverd this... I have been there often, but this house used to look different... now it's a beautiful tiny castle.

It's in the wood, but well seen from the street.I remember this house being used as "a bee house".

The writing above the door says: "Kinderschloss" (Kids Castle) and on the little board it says: "SchneeweiƟchen und Rosenrot" (Snow-White and Rose-Red)

A field... I actually don't know how this is called specifically.

Looking up.
There are several ways through the field.

Trees and Light.

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