Mar 8, 2010


Picture by Ana.Guerrero.

I've been listening a lot to "The Beekeeper" these days, by gorgeous Tori Amos. It's such a underrated album. Perfect for spring, yeah and totally different to all her other stuff but it's so poetic. It's good music to relax to.

And that's what I need now the most. I feel a bit restless, the last weeks have been hectic and I am no fan of living my life like that. I need silence, time for my loved ones, or otherwhise I'm getting sick. And I'm already having a cold now for weeks. Aah... I have to start listening to my body again.

My dad and I have been looking for a new car for me, and after weeks we found one. And just on the day we (well... he...) bought it, someone crashed into the back of my current car while I was driving. Not much happened but it's just more stress I don't need now.

So this blog is supposed to be about living a creative and free spirit... how can I feel free and creative when I'm just too lazy? Too lazy to even go outside when the sun is shining and it's depressing me that I'm too tired to go outside, so it's a circle of not feeling well.
And I wanna get out, just don't know how at the moment. And my age of 25 is not making it any easier. This is no complain about my age, it's just that I realize every now and then that ... I don't know how to say... time passes by. Now I'm having friends who are married, having babies, or are thinking about things like that. And then I'm asking myself again: would this be right for me? Working for a few years, and then getting married and having babies? Without having seen the world before?
But when I'm gonna do that? When do I have the time?

And the crazy thing about that is that it's easy. I know the answer, I think I'm just not ready yet. It's not the right time yet.
'Cause the answer is: I just have to do it.

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