Jul 5, 2010

Getting ready...

... for my artistic shooting sometime in august/september.
And also getting ready for my webpage to be back again. I really want to keep this blog alive now and to fill it with all the sweet little things in life.
So while my page is still under construction I'm gonna start with what it's gonna be about right here, right now.Inspiration.That's the main topic.
And I found this cute little book in a shop today. It's in german and the title goes something like this: "the secret of my encouraging-jam - the most beautiful receipts for life-artists"
I hope this is somehow correct. It's by Rosalie Tavernier and I just found out that she wrote a few other beautiful books too.
(c) picture by Melanie Eichenauer. Book by Rosalie Tavernier/Thiele Verlag.

Did I already mention that I looove the new blogger-layout-designer!? It totally rocks and helped me perfectly in changing the design of my blog exactly how I want it to be (at the moment...).

So, I did a bit of shopping today and bought clothes for the shooting I wrote about earlier. My gosh, I found so many great dresses, but it's hard to buy something without the model by my side to try it on. But I could not resist and bought these gorgeous pieces!
All clothes are by Zara. Hooray for summer sale :-)

So, to tell a little bit about my project:
It's going to be poetic. Very artistic. Romantic. Passionate.

For so now...
... be inspired...
xx love

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