Jul 26, 2010

Website is on the way...

(C) Sundown by Melanie Eichenauer.

So, I have been very ill for the last week. I'm still having a bit of a cold, but it's getting better, I can finally feel it.
I was so in pain, that I even wasn't able to read. So I tried to lend my thoughts from the pain to a more positive thing, and I tried to think of my website and all this stuff. And I knew what I wanted to do with it before, but now it's even more concrete and I'm busy working on it.

It's all new.
It's a new Creative Companion.

It's what the name is about - it's ment to be your inspirational friend. A place where you come to, to be happy, sad, inspired, and whatsoever. You can read, you can look at, and you can also be a part of it.

The main thing is, that the website has changing topics.
What that means?
You'll have to wait a bit until I can reveal the secret.

It's only gonna take a few days... a week or so... I'm excited.


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