Aug 13, 2010

Sweet little houshold things

First entry, in this new blog-layout. Do you like it?
I love it. It really fits what my blog is supposed to be about and I hope I can soon upload my new website. So, first, let me introduce you to this "new" blog.
I'm gonna post here about all the cute little things I find. I like to buy special things like books, cds, decoration stuff, household things... whatever. I love to go out shopping for these things but I also like to spend my hours on browsing through webshops.
What ever I think is inspiring - you'll gonna find it here.
I haven't written anything special in a while, so I'm gonna introduce myself shortly.
My name is Melanie, I'm from austria and I live with my long time boyfriend in a house on a hill... I thought about calling this blog "the girl from the house on the hill" ... hmm I still like that idea ;-) My 'child' is my cat "Emily"... but she likes more to be called "Baby". She really listens to that name. I'm a bohemian, nature, vintage-loving, country girl. I love my job as a photographer, which was my first step into living my creative and free soul. But there is much more in life to come, I'm sure. I also love the scandinavian lifestyle, my big dream these days is to visit Danmark, Sweden, and England.
So, although I'm austrian, I'm writing in english. I love the language, but I like to be international. I read so many other beautiful blogs, if they would not write in english - how could I enjoy them? That's my reason for not writing in german. But I may post once in a while in that language... we'll see.

Enough about me, here are the really interesting things...:

I received these beautiful towls a few days ago. Here they are in green, but they're also available in blue. They come in a package of three and their size is 50 cm x 70 cm which are about 19x27 inch I think.
They are by Livia and I ordered them via the beautiful online shop at "Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer".

Click here to order directly.
(C) Picture by Melanie Eich
enauer, 2010.
No use without written permisson!

A close up of the fabric.
(C) Picture by Melanie Eichenauer, 2010.
No use without written permisson!

And I also ordered these funky cleaning towls by Rice. This package is available in purple&orange or in pink&turquoise and contains three of each colour. Size is 36 cm x 36 cm which is about 14 x 14 inches. With only 3,90 Euros, they are really cheap and look great in the kitchen or whereever you need it.

Click here to order them directly.
(C) Picture by Melanie Eichenauer, 2010.
No use without written permisson!

Wishing you a great weekend. I'm enjoying my cup of coffee and will have look at other beautfiul blogs now, to relax a bit. It's my day off today because it's my Daddys birthday (hip hip hooray!!) and we always celebrate it together. So I'll be at my parents home later.

Lots of love and inspiration,



Allyson & Jere said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting with such kind words. I always appreciate anyone making such an effort.

Your blog is so pretty, and I enjoy the "new" layout, though I don't know the old.

You sound so interesting. Anyone that writes in English "just because" when it isn't their native tongue (and you're QUITE good at it) is awe inspiring to me. I WISH I knew another language fluently.

Anyway, good luck with your new website and all your photography endeavors.

Bluegrape said...

Hi Melanie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love reading blogs about other people's passion & what makes them be. Coupled with beautiful pictures just excites me to know more about them. I could use me some creative companion.Anytime.

Nikki said...

beautiful! I love the towels hanging outside too. I think your blog about the sweet little things is very cool.