Aug 16, 2010

just my ... 3 cents...

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Just a little story from Melanies private life...

 I've been on a little shopping trip today with my boyfriends cousins. As we drove home with my car, I had to stop at a petrol station. I got out of the car, took that dispenser and wanted to get some petrol into my car but instead of doing that it flew everywhere else. So I figured out that the tube was broken. I went  into the shop to tell the service person about that, but she was just looking at me with a stupid face and said: "There are 3 cents to pay"
What the ... ?
"Yes," I said "but the dispenser is somehow broken, you should take a look at it. The petrol is flowing out."
Stupid face again then she shouted: "Christian, go out and have a look!"
I turned around and saw three man standing at the end of the shop drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. They all had that strange smile on their face... that smile that says "oh stupid little woman can't refuel her car"
So I said. "Who of you is Christian? Who is getting out with me and looking at the problem."
Then the supposed person Christian stood slowly up and went outside with me. Who was I to disturb him? While walking he said: 
"What did you say is the problem?" 
"The petrol is flowing out, the dispenser isn't working."
"(laughing) That can't be."
"Oh you will see...stupid idiot!" Okay, I did not speak the last two words out loud.
So as we stood there, he saw the problem and just said: "Oh.. it really is broken"
OH HELL NO!! REALLY? man, you are fast!
He only said then "You have to try another dispenser."
I got into the car, used another dispenser to fill up the car and went inside the shop again to pay. And after I did that and sat again in my car, I saw that this stupid shop lady also billed me the 3 cents from the other broken dispenser!!!! 

Oh yeah, in these days you have to pay for every drop.

(sorry for any english-language mistakes, I tried my best)


Nikki said...

lol great story! Yup, I think you're right, everyone charges for everything these days:) Love your blog and your "Proud to be a country girl" label on the right! thanks for stopping by the other day. I'm following you and can't wait to read more:) ttys!


hello, Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. Now I'm visiting you and I'm a country girl as well.Hey I'mn following too. Yup, they charge for everything these days.Bummer!!!!!

Lisa xxx

Divine Mrs D said...

UGH! I feel like I get those looks too sometimes. Can't believe they charged you those 3 cents!!!

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