Feb 11, 2009

Emiliana Torrini in Concert!

Vienna, 09.02.2009

Photos taken by me and

Emiliana was just gorgeous and so sweet. I didn't know she can speak german - that was such a laugh, for her and us. Jungle Drum and Me and Armini are so great live! After Bleeder we were all like in trance. I was really happy with the songs she played. She also played 2 or 3 very old songs from the first album.
Emiliana: "This next song is 10 years old. I wrote it when I was 21 ... now I am 31."
Girl (shouts): "Doesn't matter!"
Emiliana: "I know it doesn't matter..... (cheeky smile)... young people are ugly."
That was a real laugh, she is such a down to earth funny lovely thing!
And I got the last signed poster - woohaa!

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