Feb 13, 2009

My new cellphone!!

First of all... I'm not a technique freak when it comes to cellphones. I don't talk much on the phone, I prefer to write a message now and then ('cause they're free for me haha).
My boy gave a new cellphone on my birthday back in october. The one before was damaged by me. Spoiling joghurt over it is not a good thing, I can tell ;-)
So he gave me a new one as a present. That was another Nokia. But after 3 or 4 weeks the main display didn't work anymore. So we sent it in to get it fixed. A month later we got it back - the display was working again but I had no sound. We wrote a mail to Amazon who apologized for the company that gets all the repairs. They told us to send it in once again and promised it will be fixed.
After another month we got it back, but the sound wasn't working well again. I heard it ringing but I could not talk on the phone. So we wrote another very very disappointed mail to Amazon who apologized again and told us to send it back and we'll get the mony in return (they couldn't offer the phone 'cause they didn't have it anymore- surprise!). We did so.

So yesterday my boy came home and gave me this new phone!! It's even better than the last one! And it's lilac!!!
Ok gotta tell you now all the technique details...haha:

Nokia 7610 Supernova
Colourful exchangeable Xpress-On covers (I can change the colour to black - that one is included but many more colours are available)
Slim, sleek design with beautiful mirrored surface (perfect for girls)
Theme Colourizer to match my mood (that means, I can point the camera at a colour I like, take a picture, and it generates a perfect theme to it - that is so crazy)
3,2 Megapixel Camera with 8x digital zoom and flash (the quality is amazing!!)
Enhanced MP3 Player with dedicated music key (the sound is brilliant)

I really have to thank my honey for this wonderful present!

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