Mar 28, 2009

Having a cold...

This week I had a really big cold. I felt weak all day long. Horrible!
My stomach isn't hurting, but I also don't have the need to eat. I'm getting green when I'm thinking about eating... don't know why.
So my meal for the day is soup and a few fruits. That's all... since 3 days or so.
This "feeling sick" is now since a week or so... hope it's gonna get better - NOW! not tomorrow or any day soon - NOW!

I'm finishing the concepts for a few photo shootings - one is my first big fashion shoot. I can't wait to meet the designer to do some creative "brain storming".
And I have so many other shoots to do.... kids, beauty, "nightmare" project, etc.

Ya, that's all for the moment. Need to drink... I'm feeling thirsty all day long...

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Anonymous said...

Feel better! When I'm sick it's so strange.. I get hungrier.