Mar 4, 2009


This is my boy with his baby, our new family member. The laptop is actually placed on "Dave" the laptop-desk from Ikea.

At the big big Ikea store I bought little stuff for my studio and of course I had to go to the Food Shop. You have to know (if you don't already know) I am a huge Sweden fan.
So everytime I go to Ikea I have to buy something real swedish.
Down below we have: Swedish beer, Fish in garlic sauce, a big Daim package (yummy, I think I'm gonna use them for my cupcakes), and smoked Elk Salami.
There is a little funny story behind that salami.
Michael: Not bad salami... a bit spicey.... haha... elk salami.
Me (thinking he was joking and tasting it too): Yeah... not bad (then reading the words on the packaging) Oh my god this is really elk!!! I ate elk salami! *scream*

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