Mar 19, 2009

A home for the boat

That's the new home for my Daddy's boat! It's so beautiful there. Yeah, you can't see it very clear here, but it really is and I'm so excited and happy about it. Maybe it's gonna be there in April, so be sure - I'll be doing a shooting there. I love that place. So peaceful and my Dad said everyone is really friendly there.

Haven't blogged for a long time - but so much is
happening! I'm part of FM5 - the online magazine. Really great girls and boys there. I'm posting the links as soon as something is published that is written by me (or that is showing my photos).

Then I got so many request for photo shootings. I think April is half full already. It's wonderful!

I've also taken a mental training class last weekend. I really enjoyed it and learned much. It would be too much to retell but I learned that it's important to make my dreams clear, to watch every detail and beware of it.

Last Friday was such a beautiful day. Here are a few picture of the walk I took with my boy: (Taken with cellphone cam)

And here is the latest view on my home studio: (Also taken with cellphone cam)

Hope you all had a great week!
Melanie xxx

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