Sep 3, 2009

I can feel autumn coming...

... it's been a month since my last post. Wow.
August has been a very busy month, I can tell.

So what happened....

I'm in a photography traineeship at a popular local photographer. I already met this creative woman a year ago but it was this year that she called me. I asked for a job at another photography studio and the photographer handed my writing over to her.
So after a lot of running from office to office and dealing with a lot of austrian bureaucracy, I started my traineeship on 14th of August.
This programm will last until 23rd of October - one day after my birthday! And what will come after that... we will see ;)
Because of that programm I can also visit a highly recommended photoshop course, which will start in October.

It would be too much to retell everything, but let's say: the world wide crisis changed nothing. There is no help for young people looking for a job. I was unemployed for over 6 month and got no help, no answers, this traineeship could have started months ago, but no one ever informed me and told me about this programms.
So, to all of you who are unemployed - ask, get them on their nerves, and don't give up. You may also have to run and talk a lot on the phone too, but if you really want something don't give up!

During dealing with all this bureaucracy I also had to finish a few projects I started. I still have a lot of editing left to do for the fashion project, but the waiting will be worth it, I can promise.
And we're still not finished with redesigning our home. The dinning area is still left.
Oh... and of course the bath. We will make it bigger. But that's another project... I'm not sure if we will make it this year.

Then I spent a weekend with my boy and two of this working colleagues in lower austria. Sponsered by a company. We took part of a little cruise on the river Donau. It was beautiful. The next day we did a lot of sightseeing. I will show a few pictures later...

Last weekend we were at a wedding. We visited the couple a week before it and got to know two wonderful americans, Sydney and Pamela. They were here just for the wedding.
Pamela and me have so much in common, that was crazy. It's been a magical evening. We sat outside the house, where the parents of the groom live. Syd was playing a special flute, everything was quite, just one candle and the moon - gorgeous!
At the wedding Syd and Pamela had a present for us, a CD Syd did on his own, with his own artwork on it. Oh what beautiful relaxing and inspiring music. He also allowed me to use it on my website. And sure I will :)
On Sunday we visited them to say goodbye, this time we also had a little present for them. Austrian sweets and a picture of the wood where we live. They also invited us to visit them in Arizona. We felt so blessed for meeting such wonderful people.

And before all that it was my Daddies birthday, so we spent the weekend with him. So the weekend coming up now, will be the first weekend for a while that my boy and me have no plans we just want to stay at home, be lazy and cuddle up ;)

And here is a picture I have just taken a few minutes ago. I can already feel autumn comming....

in front of the house..., 3.9.2009, Canon 350D


Linda Benson said...

Beautiful blog, simply lovely! I look forward to visiting again. Your Sundown shot is exquisite -- I feel like I am there! :) Hope to 'see' you again!

Antonio Estevez said...

Good luck with your program. May oodles of fortune come your way in the future!

Nina E J said...

Yeah! Good luck! Love the picture you took, its amazing! simply breathtaking!