Sep 13, 2009

A perfect sunday

It's already a perfect sunday.

A good book, muffins, coffee, cosy bed, listening to the rain... love it! That's just how I can really relax. The three of us cuddling in bed (my boy, our kitty and me). Wonderful :)

So, I just finished the most beautiful book I have read since the "Saltön" books by Viveca Lärn. The german title is "Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen", in english it would be "The taste of apple pips" ... I guess. It's written by Katharina Hagena.
It's about a woman that goes back to her childhood village, because of her grandmas death. She got the old house where she used to spend the summers at. And going back to that house means also going back to her childhood when she lost her cousin Rosemarie.
This book is so heartwarming, intelligent, wonderful.
It's about friendship and love, about losing memory and remembering.

This weekend autumn arrived. You can see the trees slowly changing from green to yellow and red. When I get up early everything is covered in fog, sometimes the fog surrounds our house and sometimes our house looks down on the villages that are covered in glowing yellow fog.
It's so silent. Yeah, of course up here it's a lot more silent that anywhere else... but... the birds. They already left us about 2-3 weeks ago.
I miss them.
No singing in the morning.... they often stop in front of our windows when the cat is watching them. Teasing her and making a bit of a fool out of her ;)

And I was a bit silent celebrating my first positive photographer job done for the photographer I currently work at. Silent because not many people seem to really understand what this achived level means to me. Of course they are happy and glad but ... sometimes I have the feeling they take it for granted. But for me... doing all this is hard work, most people think I can do this easily but actually it's really not that easy. And it's risky.
I love photography so much, working for someone else and working as a pro can make my photography bigger and better or it can be the complete opposite. Loosing this love.
But I am sure I am in wonderful good hands at this photographer, I know that. But it's still hard work and I have to learn so much and ... yeah.... I sometimes wish people would see that more.
But I don't want to complain, I do feel blessed and I am proud of myself. Really really proud.

Hope you're all doing well, gonna visit your blogs now - have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful!!! Stopping by form SITS

Nina E J said...

I agree! Sometimes there's nothing better than a cozy afternoon with a book! I would like to see some of the work you do for that photography job - it sounds nice!

Anonymous said...

i need an afternnoon off..i am swamped with my twin girls needs..