Sep 20, 2009

Why I love autumn

(C) Melanie Eichenauer, 2009. Canon EOS 350D.

I love autumn because...
* of the mist, the fog.
* the mystic feeling.
* the rain, I love to sit by the window, to hear and watch the rain.
* some of my favourtie CDs sound way much better. For example the latest Tori Amos CD "Abnormally attracted to sin" fits perfect in this time, I own it since it came out in May, but it was these rainy, foggy days that I started to love every single song of it.
* I like going for a walk in the nature, soaking up the fresh air.
* I love the melancholic feeling, the perfect time for great books and poems.
* it inspires me like nothing else.

1 comment:

JENNiE said...

Ich stimme dir bei allen Punkten zu! =D Ich bin so froh, dass es endlich Herbst ist! =)