Jan 8, 2009

Inspire Nr. 4

Another page of flickr-favs is finished. Take a look at these inspiring work at my flickr page. (link on the right)

These pictures are just sooo wonderful... my whole favorites-stream is so beautiful... a little too beautiful ;)
I don't feel much inspiration these days and I don't know why. Yeah... this has to happen every now and then, but it just really sucks.
And I have to struggle with bad feelings (like: I'm not a good photographer, I'm not so creative as others, bla bla).
Maybe I'll buy me a few flowers today, so I can at least practise on macro - 'cause outside it's just AAHH. not really much snow... you know just a tiny little bit, up here were I live the sun is shining but everywhere else there is fog. and to be honest: it's just way too cold to get outside!
And maybe I'm a bit lazy - I hate me being lazy!

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