Jan 27, 2009

Just a quick note to say Hello

Not much going on these days.

I'm still painting the walls of my old room at my parents home. But we've come far. Not much painting left.
Then we have to do all the design stuff, you know, where we gonna put what. Which table where, and which furniture I wanna have. I think I'll have to go to IKEA really soon. Also to look just for inspiration.

Today it started to snow again. I was at my parents and drove home at about 5 pm I got home at 5.45 pm! You have to know, normally it just takes about 15 minutes - this time 45 minutes. A really crazy adventure it was, 'cause the roads were all covered under snow and the city seemed not to care about it - no snow-blower was in sight.

So I guess I'm gonna stay at home tomorrow ;)

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Shelby said...

More snow! Wow. Don't forget to post pics of the remodeled room.