Jul 21, 2009

10 Things about me Tuesday

Taken about a year ago in front of the house, Canon 350D, (C) M. Eichenauer.

I just spent about an hour in front of the house, simply enjoying the nature we're surrounded - the gorgeous view, fresh air, birds singing. So healing.
I think this could be my daily routine to start the day.

I'm working on my SEED-Handbook exercises. So I enjoyed the loneliness and silence outdoor. I tried not think of something special, I just let the thoughts rush into my head as they wished to.

So I came up with the idea - 10 Things about me Tuesday.
I don't wanna judge myself her, and I also don't want to write only positive things.
Just stuff, that I think is part of me. This list should grow, this list may change. However.
I just want to share it, as a healing process. As an inspiriation for myself (and maybe you) and as a cleaning process.

Let's see how far I can make it.

10 Things about me

1. I think I used to be a butterfly in a former life... 'cause I feel such a connection to these magical little beings.
2. When I think about conversations (past or future) I use to make the face like I am talking - but I am actually not... this can look really weird...
3. I love my toes
4. Sometimes I have a really bad memory
5. I love Winnie the Pooh
6. I am the complete opposite of patience
7. I am so emotional, I am very sensitive to feelings, so much that I often can't handle them
8. I am a control freak - so like in 7 - controlling all these feelings is very exhausting
9. I love water
10. I currently have 16 fairy-figures in my home.


JennyMac said...

haha...I am the complete opposite of patience too...except with my child. LOL.

Night Owl Mama said...

3 and thats me 2

coming by from Sits to See your blog fun post