Jul 22, 2009

Hooray for Facebook!

I so have to thank Facebook!

It was yesterday, that I sat in front of my PC and during a photo-editing-session, I suddenly had in mind: Search for your old school mates. And the first name that popped into my head was: Angela.
We were such good friends during school, we only went to school together for 2 and a half year, but we were... heart and soul. During 2003 we lost touch. She moved to vienna (that is 200 km away from me) and we both started to work in our first job. So our lives went into different directions.

Angela was always so much fun to be, we really enjoyed some crazy time together. I think the last time I saw her, was when I visited her in Vienna. So that has to be about 6 years ago.

I could not find her on facebook first, I misstyped her last name (see for my 10 things about me list in the previous post and you'll know the thing about my bad memory). So I thought ... google knows everything. And I found her via Google-Images. It showed her facebook profile picture - so I knew - she is on facebook. And the rest is history ;)
I found her, and added her to my friends with the words: "aaahhhh angie! do you remember me?"

Yes she did.

She mailed back: "I can't believe it. Just a few days ago I've been thinking about you and how sad it is that we lost touch."

I responed I can exactly remember the last time I was thinking about her (haha this time - no bad memory haha). The day I was at the Aerzte-Concert (3.7. post). She was (and still is) a big fan of this band and I thought maybe she is there. Maybe we are both there and do not know.

So I mailed her my phone number and just a few hours later - she called me. It was so great to hear her voice and to get a little update on her life. She is still in Vienna. And she is living her dream - she's currently in police-school. She always wanted to join the police, and now she did. We talked a while and decided to meet as soon as she is visiting her family here again or maybe when I'm Vienna for the Tori Amos concert in September.

And here is a picture from both of us during our school time. It was the last week and the class decided to take a few photos. This one here shows the spirit of her and me - fooling around and really sticking together.

Nokia mobile cam (photo taken of photo), (C) M. Eichenauer.

Do you have someone in your life that you lost touch with?
Do you wonder what they're doing now?
Maybe you found someone after years of no contact?

I'd be glad to read your stories!


SugarandSpice said...

Yeah for being top ten on sits today! I haven't really gotten into facebook...maybe I should!

Papermoonies said...

yea facebook has been a blast from the past for sure.
Check out my recent post
stopping by from sits

elabella said...

he, that´s great! I only found accidentally "sigfried" today,... - do you remember? ;-)
have a nice day

Love&Marriage said...

I love searching for old school mates... its crazy to see what they are doing now!

When Pigs Fly said...

Over from SITS. I still haven't been able to find anyone from high school. I think it would be a riot to catch up. Good for you to actually have found someone.

Multiple personalities.. said...

Congratulations on finding your long lost friend! Yes, Facebook has been so wonderful to me too. Three months ago I was feeling nostalgic, and I started thinking of my friend Vivienne. She and I met in the third grade, and we were the best of friends until 6th grade, when my family moved away. We had lost touch, and MANY years later, I saw her on FB, requested her as a friend, and she totally remembered me! I've been able to reconnect with many other people too, and its awesome. So good for you! Have a great SITS day!

Tammy Howard said...

stopping by from SITS

I LOVE Facebook for that very reason. Probably my BEST story is that I found my college roommate who I haven't seen in over 25 years - and she lives on the other side of town! We've met a few times since, and it is so cool to just watch the years melt away...

Also? LOVE Tori Amos - she puts on a beautiful show...

DiPaola Momma said...

This is so cool sweetie! Facebook has brought me to some old friends too. Sad though when you find out that for some people life didn't turn out as they had expected or that it ended to soon.

You have amazing MAD photog skills. A hip mesh of Annie Levbowits and Ansel Adams. I stopped by from SITS today. I will be back OFTEN, I see you becomming a big name in art!

Bethany said...

I really enjoyed that about Facebook when I first joined a few years ago- so much fun to remember everyone from grade school :)

Stopped by from SITS- have a great day!

Helen McGinn said...

How wonderful. I have gotten in touch with some folk via Facebook and them me. One girl in particular, I had wanted to apologise to for something I'd great misdemeanour but she had stopped speaking to me many years ago and I never got the chance. It was lovely seeing her friend me on FB and gave me that opportunity. We met for coffee and had a great laugh together. Of course, maturity helps! Lovely blog and amazing photographs. xx

Kathryn said...

Really cute blog! :)

Sarah Brown said...

BEAUTIFUL blog and photos!!!!!

Hello from SITS...thanks form stopping by my site!

Melanie said...

thank you so much girls for your stories!!! i so enjoyed reading them.
be blessed!

fakrule bromo said...

nice blogg n info,.. i really love it nice to know u,.. n im glad please visit me back,..

FranticMommy said...

Popping by to say "Hi". You left the BEST comment on Lisa P
s blog today. I just wanted to say THANKS. Your blog is great too!

shraddha said...

yay! awsome!!!