Jul 6, 2009

Nothing like... Friends ;)

My dads boat, Canon 350D, Copyright M. Eichenauer

Old dog lady at the boats club, Canon 350D, M. Eichenauer

04.07.2009, Canon 350D, view from boats club,
Copyright M. Eichenauer

So, how has your weekend been?

Me and my boy visited my Dad and Mum at the boats club. It was a warm but raining day. I had my baby (cam) with me and of course had to take a few pictures.
I really enjoyed that day 'cause me and my love went for a big walk also. Haven't done this for weeks.
There were so many people at the club house, we felt a bit old, 'cause we, the youngest, left as the first. lol

Oh and that doggy you see, she is an old lady, nearly blind, but sooo cute and don't worry, she gets a lot of love.

So when we got home, me and my boy cuddled up in front of the telly and watched about 6 Friends epsiodes on DVD. Season 2. We own now all of them. Yippie :)

Yesterday we went out for lunch with his best friend and his friends mother and brothers. It was so much fun, they are all so cute and funny. And the boys... oh my god, my love and one of the twins ate... soooo much, a normal person won't even eat on one day!
And later that day, guess what... we watched Friends again.
9 episodes!
So that makes 15 episodes this weekend! Crazy... I know ;)

By the way....
I just wanted to say, if I spell something wrong, if something is not correct english, please, you can tell me!


Dee said...

I love that boat.

Ah re the fine print below your post" You should say "My boy and I" not "me and my boy", since that forms the subject of the sentence.

Dee said...

Oh I found you at SITS.sorroga

Anonymous said...

visitng from sits...

totally cool pics...

WishTrish said...

It seems I adore your photography!


Found you through SITS.

Off to bed.