Jul 19, 2009

Sunday Post

Dessert, Canon 350D, (C) M. Eichenauer.

Ok, I'll try to find the correct english words for this meal. Let's see.... these are quark dumpling with elder and plum roaster. Decorated with little dried flowers.
First time I did this and it turned out soooo yummy! I also gave a decorated plate to Renate, my neighbour. We do this very often. If any of us cooked more food than needed, we hand a portion over.

I almost finished the second book I have to learn for business-exam. 2 more to go... uff.
I think, I'll have to make a timetable to be sure that I'll make it in time.

I forgot to tell you a little story on my week reflection yesterday. Shame on me.

On friday I met Kerstin in Linz (main city of upper austria). I know her from a basic photography class 2 years ago. Horray for Facebook, we were able to stay in touch.
She picked me up at the trainstation and we headed over to the main square to enjoy a wonderful breakfast. Oh my, what a hot day it was! We chatted hours over hours about photography and our experiences. It was real fun and it's always great to meet other artists. Someone that goes through the same things.
She also introduced me to a gorgeous, wonderful little bookstore. So many great books, books I mostley have never seen in another bookstore. I told my boy about it and now he wants to see it too. We just got a new bookshelf, 'cause his books fill up our flat. So you can tell, he loooves books :)

The re-design of our office is nearly finished. Only the final touches are missing.
Be prepared ;-)


WhiteSockGirl said...

And the recipe? I want to blackmail into making those for me!

The header of your blog is so gorgeous,.. and I am crazy about your pictures.

Stopping by from SITs

TuTu's Bliss said...

Yummmy! Thanks for sharing. Jen

Lisa Petrarca said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog! I'm glad I found your Blog. I love photography...need to learn tons more though. I never have time to take classes so I try and soke up as much info from others that I can. I'll be following you! Great pics!

Melanie said...

thank you so much!