Jul 4, 2009

Die Aerzte and Deichkind LIVE!

Support: Deichkind! Linz, 03.07.2009 (Mobile Cam)

Die Aerzte! Linz, 03.07.2009 (Mobile Cam)

Sorry, for the bad quality I hope you can see a little bit how great it was!!

Die Aerzte are a popular german rockband. In the business since 20 years and still rocking this thing! So great!
I'm not a real fan I have to admit, I don't own a CD but my boy took me with him and his friends - so I could not say no and good I did not. It's been so much fun. Altough the crowd was... let's say WILD!!
Throwing cups and themselves around all the time. Really crazy, like at one of those rock festivals.

The band had 3 support bands, we only went to see the last support band - 'cause I looove them. They are so crazy and make such great hip hop dance music (which I normally don't listen to, but they have such a great sound). They're called Deichkind and are also a german band.
They rocked this thing too.

So after these hours of rocking around we were so exhausted and still are a little bit. Sometimes I have the feeling, like I'm already too old for this *lol*. Actually, my body felt like that when we got home at 1 am.

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