Jul 27, 2009

Busy but still spontaneous

Sundown in front of the house, Canon 350D, (C) M. Eichenauer.

I have been offline the last few days 'cause I really needed to focus on learning for my business exam. Which I had today.
Yeah, I think it went well - I hope so. It will take some time until I get the result.

But most frankly, thank you all so much for sharing your stories with me on my last post! I enjoyed reading them. You truely are all magical souls.

So, except for learning what have I been up to else? A bit of editing - hell yeah, I am behind, and I shared a wonderful evening with my gorgeous neighbour Renate.

On thursday she helped me with the new curtains in our living room, it had already gotten dark, so we thought the curtains look so great inside, let's see how they look outside. We got in front of the house and recognised how warm it still was. So quiet, peacefull and so warm (the day had been really hot). The city lights layed in front of us and she said: "I need to stay outside for a little, mind going for a walk?" - "Why not sit here on the street and watch the gorgeous nightview?" I said.
And she loved that idea.

So we got a few pillows, candles and bread with her selfmade jam. And just sat on the street in front of the house (It's a private street, so no cars at all). We watched the stars and she told me how much she loves this spontaneous ideas of mine. And that I am actually up to do something spontaneous. People mostly are used to plan, to set a date for nearly everything - and we two, we just do it.
I mean, you can't really plan sitting on the street at night, can you? ;)

As we were sitting there, a frog came to visit us. We greeted that little guy and invited him to join us. So he sat a while beside us and then hopped on into the night.
I am sure he is going to tell all his frog friends about those crazy ladies. Muahaha :)

So, this week is also filled with many appointments - my car will be at the yearly check for one day, then on wednesday I have to drive my Daddy to the hospital. He will be operated on his knee, I am a little nervous honestly, although I know it's not a really big deal. But you know... those situations are never nice. He will be at home on friday.
And on saturday I got a big fashion shooting project. We are about 7 girls working on a shooting that will last the whole day.

Wishing you all a great week :)


Anonymous said...

fantastic photo...

good luck with the photo shoot...

WhiteSockGirl said...

Another fab pic! I keep coming back for the pics,.. love them.

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