Jul 8, 2009

The feminine way

The Seed Handbook by Lynne Frank, Nokia Mobile Cam.

My amazon order finally got dilvered yesterday. I read about this book on the Boho Blog. I knew right away that this is what I am looking for.

The Seed Handbook - The feminine way to create business by Lynne Frank.
This has nothing to do with the laws or so, this book starts at the very beginning. It's a about getting the ground ready to plant your tree (the business).
I haven't come far yet, but I know already that this will be the help that I so need now.

I am doing a lot of cleaning and changing, to get ready for business, to be able to focus on it only. I am already focused but I just have the feeling the enviroment around me has to be focused too. And my first appointment will me the hairstylist on saturday. A new hairstylist I've never tried before, but I am excited and know I will be in good hands.
In my opinion the look of my hair should also reflect my business, my creativity, and therefore my soul.
So you see, it all plays together. It all goes hand in hand.

My boy looked a bit confused when I showed him the book - I think he was a bit irritated by the words "the feminine way". What is the feminine way?
First I am no feminist and I am no man-hater at all. It's nothing about that. What we all know and should respect is that men and women are different.
And so we are different in creating and running businesses.
I experienced working under a female boss, who was trying to do it "like a man". This woman lost everything that made her happy. She lost her light. She had become someone she was not meant to be.
For me, as I now haven't read the book completely yet, feminine business is about sharing, creating with soul. Sharing is so important.

Why not answer if someone asks?
I remember asking other photographers for help, and getting no answer in return at all. A simple "Sorry, I don't share my tricks, etc." would have been acceptable, but no answer - that's just poor. I also got answers where they thank me for writing but don't say anything about my questions. They seemed to just ignore it.

But I also know photographers who are willing to share their wisdom via blogs, tutorials, and so on. And I thank these women so much. You can find the links to these incredible photographers and women on the left of this Blog.

My good photographer friend Ulli also thanked me yesterday for being so patient and always answering all of her questions. I could feel how blessed and deeply thankfull she felt and so did I.
I so believe in giving and getting something in return. Maybe not by the same person, maybe by someone else. Doesn't matter. It is worth sharing thoughts and knowledge.

As many of you are readers from abroad, you have to know that the photography business situation or let's just say the whole business situation, in austria is totally different like it is for example in the states.
I got to know so many american women, who are fulltime mums and halftime business girls. I so look up to them. Here in europe no one ever talks about that boom over there. And I think it is a boom.
Here in europe, the media talking about the states includes wars, junk food, crazy people (like the mothers who force their girls to become models....). The real america I experience now via these women is so much different from that. It's a country for creative freedom. It's a country for celebrating life and joy. It's a country with such breathtaking beautiful landscape. It's a country full of wonderful, creative and gorgeous souls.

So don't ever judge them by what you see in the media here. Don't ever judge any country before you took a look at it yourself.
I wrote this to Shelby Nycole on one of here posts - I hope she did not think I am weird or something. Because her blog post was not about that topic at all. muahaha ;)
I just wanted to tell her that, because by reading her blog, she taught me a lot about the real america. And so it's not only her blog, there are thousands over thousands out there, just take a look at "The Secret is in the Sauce".

So what has THAT to do with ME and my business?
These women, no matter what business they created, inspired and encouraged me to create mine. Although I was and sometimes am... a silent reader :-)
They make me feel less alone.

And speaking of "alone". Like millions did yesterday, so did I. Watch the memorial of Michael Jackson.
I did not want to write about him, 'cause I have never been a fan. I like a few of his songs, I liked the dance-moves, but this blog is not meant to document others lifes. And I did not want to write about someone and something that so much is already written and said about.
But now I really feel the need to state the following.

Watching the memorial of Michael Jackson made me cry a few tears. Not because he is dead. Don't get me wrong, but I did not know this man in person. So I could never cry after him.
The tears came when watching that ceremony I realized how lonley this man must have been. Let's forget all that stardom, the rumours, and so on.
The fact is, that people laughed about him, when he was alive. The press throw stones at him, when he was alive.
And now, they're celebrating him. Shame on all of them.
I can't remember who it was, but one man said very important words:
(to his kids) it was not your father, who was strange, it was strange what he had to deal with.
So true.
And sorry for saying the following... but his daugther saying the last few words.... girl you won't get an oscar for that one!
Of all of them who were there at his memorial - who were there when he really needed them?
How much pain and loneliness can one stand?


Maricris Zen Mama said...

Did u take the pic with a Nokia Mobile cam? That's great! I'm a big fan of Nokia and I love using it for my pictures. Crazy but it takes good picture than my other digicam!

Melanie said...

yes I did.
It's quite ok. Much better than other mobile cams ;-)