Jul 2, 2009

My full calendar book...

My kitty, Canon 350D, Copyright M. Eichenauer.

My dear friend Manuela visited me yesterday for breakfast. We really enjoyed ourselfs with great food (salmon, croissants, coffee, etc.). Oh we girls should do that way more often.

Our living room, which we re-designed, is now finished. I'll be taking a few shots and show you here as soon as I have the time. I can't believe how busy I am with organising my days. I am now often seen with my calendar-book in one hand and mobile phone in other hand. Crazy.
This is me? I often think I must look like a business woman. lol.

So what's ahead the next days....
Tomorrow friday: going to a rockconcert (german rock-band: die aerzte) with my boy and some of his friends.
Saturday: midsummer festival at my dads boats club.
Sunday: Going for dinner with my boy and his best friend.
Monday: Cornelia is visiting me, for getting her images on CD.
Yeah then some random stuff ... but the list goes on...
Friday: Meeting with Kerstin for breakfast in Linz, attending local event by a social club (I'll be telling more on that as soon as I am ready....) in late evening.
Saturday: hopefully doing a hike with my boy
Sunday: Shooting

What are your plans, let's say, for the weekend? ;-)

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