Jul 2, 2009

Living room changes

New Wall, Canon 350D, Copyright M. Eichenauer.

So, as mentioned early today, here is a picture of our new wall in the living room. The fabrik of the couch does not really fit to this great wall painting we did, so I cover it underneath all these white fabric. Doesn't it look cozy? And hell yeah it is!
So refreshing. So great.

The pictures shows flowing water, we ordered that wall sticker via a german online shop. Then painted the grey square, applied the sticker to the wall, then I made the corners of the grey square round, so that it fits the pictuer. And after that we painted the rest blue, with leaving a white frame around the grey area.

You can't see it very clear but on the right, there is the window. We used to have those bambooshades by Ikea (I don't know if this is the right english word, if not, please correct me). But they did not work very well here due many facts (old wall, when opening window they often fell down... etc) So I have to get curtains.
I'm not quite sure what colour... of course it has to fit all the blue. But there are so many shades of blue out there. Gosh!

The only room that is now left to be worked on is the office. And that one is a huge problem... Two totally different people when it comes to deco.... it's gonna be haaard.


Shelby said...

So cozy!

Orange Juice said...

totally digging your site! BEAUTIFUL photography!

Ms Cupcake said...

Nice photos!

Morning! Now following your blog.

Checking in from sits. The big holiday weekend is almost here!

Ms Cupcake
Zen Cupcake