Jul 13, 2009

Weekend Reflection

During a shooting yesterday, Canon 350D, (c) M. Eichenauer.

I had a shooting yesterday. Promo photos for a local event. It was actually the second time I worked for them. Many different people, crazy, and fun.
It always amazes me how much I learn with every shooting. This time now is so important to improve. I get to know my artistic and also business side much better every time. And I learn to connect these both sides. I don't want to seperate them.
I think that's a main reason why I chose to become a pro-photographer.

And although I'm not earning money with it yet, I can really feel myself into it - the business, the work. That's so important.
I now try to sit down after every shooting and write down what I liked and what I did not like. What is working good for me and what I should improve and/or change.

My boy and me also found some time to spend together - and guess what we did..... watched about 18 episodes of Friends - tataaaa! :-)
On 2 days, saturday and sunday.... but we also watched a few on friday - so I think we might have watched about 25 episodes or so.... We're just really happy we now own all the 10 seasons, I guess you can tell ;-)

We're now at the final 10th season... and can't believe it's soon "over" (we both haven't seen all the episodes when they were on telly).
"It must not end, it can not end... these are OUR Friends." Awww that was so sweet... and a bit weird when you think about it *lol*.

Do you like Friends? What is your fav character/couple/season/etc.?

I really enjoyed the 7th season, but they are all great, but I think when we watched the 7th we laughed the most and loudest.
And characters... I just love them all... depends on the season. I like Monica during the first 2 seasons, then Rachel, but also Phoebe all the time... Chandler during the first 4 seasons, then Joey... but also Ross all the time... you see, I can not decide...
OMG stop me - I'm talking too much about it again.... sssshhh....


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like TV characters are their friends.

Enjoy the rest of the series.

Welcome to SITS!

Penelope said...

I loved Rachel and Ross, season one and two, best. I was soo sad when the show ended (and a tad sad about how it ended).


Anonymous said...

I never was into Friends, but I did love Seinfeld which comes on right after Friends on TBS.
So glad to hear that you are finding your photographer's rhythm.
Welcome to SITS!!!

Martha said...

I love Friends, miss it. Visiting from SITS. Delightful photo btw.

Melanie said...

thank you girls! :)

Little Nut Tree said...

I only just saw that you commented over 10 days ago! Sorry.

Yes I like Friends too - Chandler is my favourite character. He's a bit like my husband (funny and cute!)
(I wonder does anyone not like Friends?)

My little sister is about to start studying photography. Her style isn't quite like yours though.

Aubrey said...

I LOVE the picture you took of your dads boat! They are all really great!

Coming by from SITS. Welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...

Always a little envious of people who know how to use a camera AND take really awesome pictures.

Stopping by to give you a big welcome to the SITStahood. We are so glad you could join us and look forward to seeing you around!

shelley said...

hey melanie,
happy saturday sharefest, so you're not the last one on here today! lol, i hope i'm not either! ;) anyhow, love friends! love love ross and rachel! loved when they got married in vegas, mr rachel and mrs ross! loved it! stop by and say "hi"

Cascia said...

I love Friends! Sounds like you had a great week.