Jul 18, 2009

Week Reflection...

Christine and Rainer, at their little grillparty,
16.07.09., Canon 350D, (C) M. Eichenauer.

It's been a few days since my last post - so what have I been up to?

Above you see a picture I have taken at the little grillparty by my wonderful friend Christine and her boyfriend Rainer. I so love her house, it's small but so gorgeous. The outside is kinda pink coloured and it's very hidden. Her own little nest ;)
Inside it's so heart warming, you feel welcome right away. The furniture is very nordic-like, I think most of it is by Ikea. Love that!
So, me and my boy spent the late evening with them. The food was yummy yummy and we had so much fun. I haven't seen her for 2 month, what a shame. I can't believe that happened. But as we are all so busy we did not have the time - well we did not take the time you could say also.
But I guess the greatest thing that happend was when Christine told me she and Rainer decided they also wanna travel to Sweden. Weehehee!! So we're going all together, hopefully next summer. We talked about a little house we wanna rent, and also about her new baby that will join us! A golden retriver. Cute little doggy. OMG! He did not arrive yet, but the pictures she showed us - awww. That was really funny, when I saw the pictures of him and her... it looked like she held her adopted baby in her arms. That was so lovely!

I finished reading "The Seed-Book" today. What an inspiring book, it's so perfect for what I needed to know. I'm gonna re-read it, so that I can now concentrate on the chapter-exercises.
I also talked about this book with my gorgeous neighbour Renate. She is so amazing. Artist through and through.
She always inspires and encourages me, it's amazing. Although she is about 30 years older than me, we have so much in common. It's like I met myself from the future. Which is also a little strange sometimes.
We often sit in front of the house and talk for hours, until the sun goes down. We have the most beautiful sundowns here.
Here is another proove....

In front of the house, the little dots are maany birds,
Canon 350D, (C) M. Eichenauer.

And this one was also taken this week when Renate and me philosophized about the world.

Flowers, Canon 350D, (C) M. Eichenauer.

We always share great conversations, I so love talking to her. She is so excited about my plans on creating my own business. She loves it and I love how she loves it.
She worked as a secretary for over 20 years and then... she turned the job down and now lives free.
What does that mean?
She has no real job, she is living from the money she saved from all over the years and from little incomes. These little incomes are from selling her artwork.
She has no tv, only radio.
She has talent in creating artwork such as redesigning old furniture, sewing, knitting, working with stones, etc.
She praises mother nature and her gifts for us.
She believes in god, not in the church.
She knows about the power of positive thinking.
For me... she is the true example for freedom.

I remember wishing for a neighbour that cherrishes the nature as I do, I longed for a neighbour that makes me feel less alone her on the hill, someone I could just hang out with every now and then. Someone to chat with when doing the laundry, or when it's winter and we can't go anywhere 'cause we're stuck on the hill.
And my wish was heard.
She told me, she was always looking for a place like that, and she could not believe it, when she found it. It was even better that she expected.
I think there is a lot of energy in and around this house. It's a special energetic place.

So this was a reflection on my spare little freetime I spent this week. I am really busy. I have to learn so much for my business-exam. I don't know if any european reading this knows about the EBCL. This is something the EU invented. A great course on all things business but a looot to learn.
And I still have to do a lot of editing. 2 people need their CDs.
So if you're one of my flickr friends - sorry for being so quiet there. And I'm also a little behind on commenting on your blogs. Thank you SITS-girls for visiting and commenting on my blog. I'll get back to all your blogs as soon as possible.

Till then,
lots of love and joy for the upcoming week :)


elabella said...

thx for the reflection! i´m glad to hear you doing fine up there on the mountain.hope to see you soon,

Jennifer said...

love the grill picture. very fantasy like! Found you from SITS. Just wanted to say hi

Melanie said...

thank you :)